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The Boarding process

Explorer C

As a loyal customer for many years and currently a companion pass holder I've notice major changes in your boarding process which I believe are not favorable overall plus is a negative for A-List personnel and above.

In todays boarding process anyone can get a wheel chair where the number of wheel chairs per flight is getting crazy. This takes away from the real people who need this service. It funny how people can "run" as soon as they land.

Plus add now the number of personnel getting the preboard authorization that has nothing to do with any medical issue, its a joke, where more times than not its around 30-40 personnel boarding before the "A"'s even start boarding.

I assume the agents don't want to start issues with single customers who are constantly bringing three and four bags on the plane. PLus bags that are so oversized it's crazy. 

Customers are going to continue to take advantage of situations unless the agents clamp down.

The time to board and unboard and aircraft is way too long plus I wish I could video tape the customers puttting there bags away it would make the funniest videos on tv.

Even like my flight yesterday the lady had an A17 pass and the rest of the party had "B" boarding groups but they let them go on with the A17.

I think its time Suthwest personnel start holding customersa accountable and time for customers to follow policy and procedures.


Re: The Boarding process

Explorer C

I agree with this.  The whole point of the "open boarding policy" was to make the process more expedited and efficeient.  It seems to have lost those roots.  From the excessive amount of wheelchairs and preboards, to the families with kids well over the age of 6 boarding early it is taking away for the loyal customers who actually follow protocol.  I know there are one off situations and SW can't catch everything, but I think the gate agents could do a better job in making sure people board where they are suppose too.  Especially in today's world where everyone wants to be the first one on paranoid they won't get overhead space for their massive "carry-ons".