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worst customer experience of a lifetime

Explorer C

I want to share one of the pathetic experiences we had with southwest airlines. I planned a travel to Bahamas for my first anniversary. I took a flight from Minnesota to FLL with a stop in Austin.

I have no clue how baggage got stuck in Austin, but it is a miserable experience. When I reached FLL on dec 22nd, and asked at the airport about delayed baggage, an assistant at the BSO once said it is on the way to Dallas and it would reach by 11.30pm that night. (and for no reason she gave us this random excuse) and this never happened. Next day morning, we called numerous times at every 2 hr interval and there was absolutely no transperancy in the information to the customers and none of the agents had knowledge and awareness to track the bags.


We lost trust with the customer service and finally ran to the FLL airport leaving everything aside next day morning on dec 23rd. We spent several hourse talking to people there at the BSO.

They told us that the baggage would reach FLL airport by 6.30pm on 23rd evening and would ship it to Bahamas. We had to take a cruise by 3pm on 23rd and thought airlines would help and ship it to Bahamas atleast.

One of the miserable experiences we had on our first anniversary as we had left without even toileteries , basic essentials and the clothes. Obviously we had no time to buy as we spent our entire day talking to people of airlines at the airport.

Our entire vacation is ruined and there are lots of emotions involved with the items in that baggage. We spent months planning this trip and it is just because of southwest airlines that it is spoilt.

There are certain gifts in that baggage which we planned it as a surprise to gift my spouse for our anniversary and it is totally ruined. I am never going to recommend southwest airlines to anyone with this experience.

I totally demand compensation and trip reimbursement for this entire incident that happened to us and I think it is totally fair to ask for. I expect someone from southwest to respond on this ASAP.

We have also filed two complaints one on 23rd and another on 24th for which we just got automated responses with case numbers and no option to even track case as well.


Re: worst customer experience of a lifetime

Aviator A

@Srils01 wrote:

  I expect someone from southwest to respond on this ASAP.


Sorry to hear of your troubles.


Since this is a customer to customer forum,,  you are not likely to get a response as a result of your post here. Click on contact us, below, to contact SW.


Over 13,000 flights on all airlines have been cancelled since Wednesday, and likely over 1,500,000 people have been impacted. Thus no one is getting ASAP responses.