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Attendant “Mike”

Explorer C

I was on a flight last week, from SNA to SMF (departed at 0920 on Sunday, 11 February) and the lead flight attendant, who said his name was “Mike” made that flight the best I’ve been on to date. That guy is hilarious. I’m A-List Preferred, and since I fly at least two times per week, I no longer pay attention to the announcements and crew instructions, as I basically have them memorized. Well, with his humor and fantastic quips and one-liners, “Mike” was able to get me to pay attention AND laugh my ass off. Thanks “Mike.”


Re: Attendant “Mike”

Retired Community Manager

Thanks for sharing your positive experience! Would you mind sending us a message on with your confirmation number? That way we can pass along your kudos to Mike!



Re: Attendant “Mike”

Explorer C

I wonder if this is the same hilarious flight attendant we had on 5/21/2019 on a flight from Las Vegas to ONT. Just very very funny and spot on. Some very memorable lines. Made for an enjoyable quick flight.

Re: Attendant “Mike”

Explorer C

I most certain we were on a flight with him yesterday and he is PHENOMENAL!!!!