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Re: Left a valuable item on plane

Aviator A

@Kjopalensky wrote:

I left my AirPods on flight 2109 tail number N8557Q from BNA to RSW 6:15 PM CST - 9:15PM EST. I called customer service and nobody was willing to check the plane for me to secure my item. They told rather than someone checking the plane for me, I had to submit a request online at lost and found case # 81458748. The customer service rep ensured me they do a thorough inspection on the plane and it would be found and turned in. Of course it was not found and turned in by southwest employee’s Luke it should have. Instead my AirPods were last seen in Midway International Airport in Chicago on 11/23 at 5:07am. So in spite of me calling immediately the same night I realized I left my item in the plane, and the customer service rep explaining it would be found and turned in, it was not, and it in now in Chicago as of the date and time given above and nobody is willing to help me find my item. Go

When did you realize they were lost? Was the tracking in Chicago the next morning?


Obviously the system in intended to find any items when the plane is turned, however if your plane was unloaded in RSW and then went to MDW right away it would be a challenge to find such a small item without delaying the flight. It is also possible that a fellow passenger found them and they were along for the ride, or still on the plane if they fell into the seat or were behind the pamplets.


I can see it would be frustrating if you were calling from baggage claim, there would still be a chance. If it was after the plane left then there would be a big chance of a fellow passenger finding them. 


I hope you do get them back!





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Re: Left a valuable item on plane

Explorer C

I've heard similar stories about airlines misplacing items. It's a bummer when you get conflicting information from customer service. Hopefully, your AirPods will turn up soon in Chicago. In the meantime, maybe keep checking with both Southwest and Midway International Airport's lost and found just to cover all bases.