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Lost if found $50 Reward

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Lost Navy Blue glasses. $50 rewardLost Navy Blue glasses. $50 reward

I lost these glass March 8th from Baltimore to Ft. Lauderdale if found a &50 reward will be given.  They are progressive/Bi-focal lens that are fairly new.  Made by Warby Parker.  Thank you!


Re: Lost if found $50 Reward

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Sorry to hear you lost your glasses have you filed a lost item report online? If not be sure to do that 


hope you get your glasses back 


Re: Lost if found $50 Reward

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I hope your glasses were returned -- if not ... have you filed a missing item with SWA -- I had a personal item return to me via this process.


Re: Lost if found $50 Reward

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So sorry to hear about your glasses! Good luck finding them - make sure you fill out a lost item report so we can contact you in the event they are located.