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Reporting another passenger after the fact

Explorer C

My partner reported to me that another passenger on her flight yesterday grabbed her leg. She said he was visibly intoxicated and was still served two additional drinks on-board. He was also making passes at her while his wife was sleeping next to him.


She did noticed the flight was very full and tends to be more passive so she didn't speak up to a flight attendant in the moment as she didn't know she could be reseated. She didn't have a lot of time for her connecting flight so she didn't report it either after deplaning.


She doesn't remember exactly what row she was in due to not having a specific assigned seat however she did see the offenders boarding ticket during the flight so she knows his last name and the beginning of his first name so they should be able to determine which passenger he was. I have the flight number and her record locator.


Wondering how I assist her in getting this reported so it can be investigated. I looked on the website but didn't see anything specific that would help me in reporting this.  I did try to connect to Facebook messenger chat but no one has come online yet because she doesn't have a rapid rewards account. 


Anyone have any advice?


Re: Reporting another passenger after the fact

Frequent Flyer A

I'm really sorry this happened to her.


Southwest Airlines asks that passengers report any “unwelcome behavior” on their aircraft to the flight attendants on duty.  In fact, as of January 2020, it’s now part of the airline’s required pre-flight emergency briefing and demonstration, right after the instructions about operating oxygen masks.  The FAs are empowered to remove customers who are being harassed from these types of situations, regardless of how full the flight is.


But they need to know about it at the time it happens.


Even though she is able to provide identifying information, this situation, unfortunately, turns into a "he said, she said" circumstance.


She can use the blue Contact Us button at the bottom to describe the occurrence with the details you posted.  My guess is that she'll receive an apology and, if she had a RR account, perhaps a few goodwill points as well.  And while I understand your desire/reason to assist, your partner should be the one doing the reporting, not you.

Re: Reporting another passenger after the fact

Aviator C

Regardless of what others tell you, Southwest is responsible for your safety and wellbeing on board.  While you may choose to report the activity, you are not required to do so.


You need to file a written report with both Southwest and law enforcement.  Use your destination as the agency to report the behavior.


Since you are attributing the behavior to drinking, Southwest is serving the drinks so they are accountable.