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Safety Culture Hit in Senate Report

Explorer C

As someone who flies SWA often, I would like to know what changes SWA is making to address the serious findings in this senate report (SWA portion starts on pg. 82).  It has some very harsh criticism of SWA safety culture from 2008 to present day including improper deferred maintenance across a spectrum of maintenance programs, improper pilot training, and it even quotes SWA’s own pilots criticizing SWA!  (yikes).  Please don’t make me go back to flying American!


Re: Safety Culture Hit in Senate Report

Aviator A

For what changes southwest is making you can always Contact Customer Relations to see what they can share however since this is a customer to customer forum you probably won't get those answers here. I know things are changing behind the scenes (happens all the time) but some of those changes we don't see as customers.