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Southwest = standby

Explorer B

I am  throwing  in the towel with SW.

Depart 30 minutes late, land and sit another 20 minutes waiting for  available gate....everyone on board with connecting flights have to rebook...

This airline has no consideration about passengers ....flight on 6/15 from BWI to CLT mask rule wasn't enforced

Guess they dont care a out our health either....maybe if you have a direct nonstop you might get to where your going on time....pitiful



Re: Southwest = standby

Aviator A

Sorry to hear your flight was delayed 30min and that you had to wait when you arrived because you're gate was occupied. Airlines only have so many gates at airports so unfortunately any delays in the day can cause backups for gates. Personally 30min is nothing for a delay these days as there are much longer with some other airlines 


You can Contact Customer Relations to share your feedback on the missed connection and masks not being enforced and they can document the issue and they can look in to everything to see if any goodwill gesture could be offered.