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Spectacular Sophia

Explorer C

I just want to commend the outstanding service Sophia, the flight attendant on flight #3256 (SAN—>ATL), provided this morning. Not only did I see her take special care of the preboarding passengers (helping get them seated, guiding a vision impaired passenger to her seat while assisting with her seat belt, putting their bags overhead) with the utmost care and compassion… I then watched as she helped a mother traveling with three kids by carrying all their coats, blankets and bags to their seat. Never once did she look annoyed or bothered but was the epitome of excellent service going out of her way to help and did it in such a caring manner. As a nurse I know it can be hard to be “on” all the time but Sophia definitely demonstrated exceptional compassion and empathy to the passengers on the flight. Thank you for employing such outstanding people like Sophia but a bigger thank you to Sophia for being one of a kind!!


Re: Spectacular Sophia

Aviator A

Since this a customer to customer forum you should contact Southwest directly so the employee gets the recognition.  Commend an Employee