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Treated poorly

Explorer C

I boarded A17, my daughter A18. we are loyal southwest flyers with Alist preferred status and I use Southwest for business travel giving up first class on other airlines due to the outstanding customer service they normally have. anyone who travels southwest knows that bulkhead or exit row is like southwest first class, lol it is one of the few benefits of boarding early. Today on a 5 hr flight we walked to the exit row with plenty of seats seemingly available and there was a man saving 5 seats for his companions boarding late 1 and early b. I requested two of the seats and he told me he could do what he wanted and had every intention of saving the seats. When I asked a flight attendant for assistance I was told it was not her job, the other flight attendant ignored the whole situation. 

I was so disappointed in this reaction, look everyone has tried to save seats but when someone asks you if they are available you give them up. 


Re: Treated poorly

Frequent Flyer A

Sit anyway? It is one thing to push past someone in the aisle seat, saving seats. It is another thing when someone is saving a seat across the aisle from them. What are they going to do to stop you? Anything that they did would constitute assault.

Re: Treated poorly

Frequent Flyer B