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WN453 on 2/27/24

Explorer C

Kudos to the entire crew last night.  First the pilot had the awareness to load more fuel anticipating circling a bit or being diverted on our way to Chicago.  We did do a few doughnuts around Indy but not bad given the storms that rolled through the midwest around our landing time.  The flight crew did an awesome job of keeping us informed before and during the flight and expertly maneuvered around the storm for a safe and relatively smooth flight.  The captain, copilot and entire staff were exceptional in every regard. 

Thank you! 


Re: WN453 on 2/27/24

Frequent Flyer A

Glad you had a great flight experience.  I love it when customers take the time to leave positive complements!!


Please let SWA give kudos to the crew by cutting and pasting your remarks on the Feedback page:


Safe travels!