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Companion Pass 2021

Explorer C

I earned Companion Pass for 2020, it is now extended through 2021 BUT I also earned it for 2021. I try very hard each year to get this and I am disappointed that it did me no good to earn it for 2021 because they extended anyway and now I did it for nothing. I have already called and was told they are not doing anything about it at this time. I could have used other credit cards to earn other discounts or cash back if I had known.


Re: Companion Pass 2021

Aviator A

Coulda, shoulda, woulda... just enjoy what you have.



Re: Companion Pass 2021

Explorer C

I'm with you.  Jump over to the "Rapid Rewards" Blog.  There is an entire thread on this topic.

Re: Companion Pass 2021

Frequent Flyer B

be thankful you still have it.  during these times, they could have taken it away completely.


By the way, I earned it also.  Thankful we still have the benefit.