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Companion Pass Offer and Walmart Shopping

Explorer C

Hello - 


What does everyone think that the odds are of Chase/SW doing another CP offer with a new card?  


RR Online Shopping - When you go to your Wal-mart online shopping site via the RR Shopping page, will you receive the .5 additional points for pick up grocery orders or only orders?  There is a difference!


Thank you everyone!


Re: Companion Pass Offer and Walmart Shopping

Aviator A

No idea about the Companion Pass offers, Chase loves to surprise with creative ways to entice people to sign up.


When shopping through rewards portals always read the terms and conditions.  On the Wal-Mart page the following is listed:

Please note these terms & conditions: Not eligible on bulk orders or purchases intended for resale. Rewards eligible only on the following product categories: Sporting Goods, Patio Lawn & Garden, Beauty, Health & Beauty Aids, Postpaid Mobile Devices, One Hour Photo, Toys, Stationery, Automotive (not tires), Tools Hardware Paint & DIY, Horticulture, Personal Care, Pet Supplies, Baby Hardlines, Cameras & Supplies, Electronics, Books & Magazines, Video Games (not hardware), Paid Walmart+ membership (not free trial), Apparel, Shoes & Accessories, Jewelry, Seasonal and Celebration. Not eligible on taxes, shipping, handling, gift-wrapping, refunds, returns, chargebacks, cancellations, or on orders placed for reselling purposes. Any return, exchange or other adjustment made at a physical store location for an on-line purchase may result in your purchase being deemed ineligible. Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site. Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents. Purchases made with a gift card may be ineligible


You'll notice grocery items are not included in the list of eligible items.  Now, sometimes points are earned on purchases that are not listed, but you can't rely on it.  No harm in giving it a try and seeing what happens.



Re: Companion Pass Offer and Walmart Shopping

Explorer C

With the new walmart interface update on a pc browser, I have been able to get walmart points from grocery purchases for the past couple of weeks.

Re: Companion Pass Offer and Walmart Shopping

Explorer C

Oh wow - interesting!

So you mean using an internet browser and the Walmart site vs an app?  


Good news!  Thank you for following up!