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Companion Pass Promo 3/25-3/27

Explorer C

In the Current Companion Pass Promo fine print it says the qualifying flight needs to be a “revenue” flight. Later in the terms, it says you can’t use points, but does not mention flight credit which may be sitting in your account. Does anyone know if using actual dollar credit that I have in my account for the flight that is required during the promotional period will make it a qualifying flight?


Re: Companion Pass Promo 3/25-3/27

Aviator A

Reveneue flight means ANY flight where the payment is in dollars - be they from a flight credit, credit card, debit card, etc.

Re: Companion Pass Promo 3/25-3/27

Adventurer B

Flight credit is fine. What does not count are

  • points bookings
  • buddy passes
  • flights where you are someone else's Companion