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Great Customer Service

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Wanted to share some great customer service we received from Southwest yesterday.  


Saturday, many of us from my office (about 12 of us) were on a flight out of Austin to Kansas City.  The flight ended up being delayed for right around 3.5 hours for mechanical reasons.  Frustrating, knowing we weren't leaving the airport until after we should have been home from our original flight.  At the point we finally did leave, I was just ready to be home and was happy to have finally been on a plane headed that way.


Sunday morning, I received an email from Southwest Proactive Communications apologizing for the delay and offering information that the flight was delayed because of hail damage inspection from earlier in the day.  Also will be sending us a LUV Voucher to help restore our confidence in SW.  


I so appreciate this type of communication along with the voucher.  While I was frustrated for the way the day ended with a very delayed flight, I was thankful that they acknowledged the issue and were very proactive with their email and offer.  


Thank you SW for being my favorite airline and I so appreciate the way you handled this particular instance.  I will continue my luv for SW. 🙂 




Re: Great Customer Service


Thanks for the kind words, Pam! In our industry, flight status can change on a moment's notice, and we know it's our handling of these situations that matter the most to our Customers. I'm so glad we were able to ease some of the frustration as your patronage and friendship mean the world to us. As a peer-to-peer support forum, we aren't equipped to log your compliment here, but you are welcome to reach out via the link below:


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