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How to see referral points

Explorer B

Hey there - 


I saw a big influx of points go into my RR and can't figure out where they came from. All my account says is Credit Card. Is there  a way to see if these were referral points? 




Re: How to see referral points

Frequent Flyer B

I had the same thing - shows customer service adjustment!  10,455 points towards companion pass only.  I was expecting some bonus points from the earn a 25% bonus that ended in September, but that should have only been about 4k points and those haven't hit yet.


I had a 10k points towards companion pass added on 10/27 also and can't for the life of me remember what those were for. Odd they are exactly 1 month apart.  


Sure wish that if you earned over the 135k needed points for CP each year, the overage would transfer to the next year. 🙂  

Re: How to see referral points

Aviator A

Could they be anniversary points from Chase? The Southwest description for points activity is fairly minimal, but if it says "Credit Card" then it's safe to assume that the points came from Chase CC activity, and if you aren't sure what exactly it's for it would be best to contact them. But I'm not sure what else it could be if it was not anniversary points, referral points, or points earned from spending activity. Every $10,000 spent you get 1,500 TQP as well.



Re: How to see referral points

Frequent Flyer B

It's in the "other" category and shows "Customer Service Adjustment" in the description; only applying to Companion Pass Qualification.  So not really sure if it is coming from Chase or Southwest.  


Just curious what it could be.  Not complaining and will take them, but....