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Need points for Companion Pass

Explorer C

I was able to get my A-List Preferred completed through the end of '22.  Now, however, I am currently about 8k points short needed to extend Companion Pass through then.


My statement will close around December 20th.  However, I doubt I can get 8k points then...maybe 5k.


My question is, I am assuming there is no "close, here you go", so what can I do to get another 3k or so in points? Is it just spend?


Maybe it isn't worth it. Before Covid I would have it wrapped up via my flights by May.  Now it is virtually impossible with business travel limited (we are starting to open back up).  I really only use it once or twice a year so it saves maybe 25k in points...


Re: Need points for Companion Pass

Aviator A

It is awfully late in the year, but you do have some options for earning. Check out this link:

2021 Rapid Rewards® Qualifying Transactions for 2022 Status

Re: Need points for Companion Pass

Aviator A

Hotels are your best bet to get 3k points quickly.   3  1 day rent car rentals  at Dollar or Payless would get you 3600 points.


A business select flight costing $250 PLUS TAXES AND FEES would earn 3k points. IE Southwest's cut of the total price would be $250


Be sure you are using Southwest special offers for car rentals..

Re: Need points for Companion Pass

Frequent Flyer A

If you donate to charity maybe make donations via the card before the December closing date? Win for you, and a Win for your charity