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Using points from Chase SW Business Card

Explorer C

First, I apologize if this question has been asked already, but I did look through the forums and couldn't find the specific question, so I'm giving it a shot!


I currently have 88K points on my Chase SW business card. I've added that card to my SW account. My SW RR points show 700 points. I'm trying to book a flight and I want to use the 88K balance from my Chase card, but when I'm trying to book on SW's site, it won't let me because it's only showing that I have the 700 points. How do I get the 88K from the Chase card over to my SW account so that I can use them??? I've clicked just about everything "clickable" on both the Chase site and SW site trying to figure out how to do this and I'm fully prepared to just admit that I'm an idiot when someone shows me how easy this is!


Thanks for any help!!!


Re: Using points from Chase SW Business Card

Aviator A

I assume that you have a new Chase RR card. I saw that becasue


  RR points automatically move to your SW RR account after each Chase CC statement. About the only way you could have 88k points on your card is for it to be a new card and your statement hasn;t yet been issued.


If what I descirbed is accurate, you should get your RR points after your next Chase CC statement.