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Account Closed after trying to book flight

Explorer C

I booked a flight earlier this week for my friend using rapid rewards points. Later that night I got an email saying my points had been refunded. I checked in the app and my flight was no longer there. I called in and found out from a rep my booking was cancelled because I booked with an outdated credit card on file for the $5 fee. I asked if I could re-book the same flight over the phone and was told I had to call a different extension. I called in again and it seemed like the rep was going to help me re-book the flight, but then I was told my account was frozen and I would be unable to book any flights. They told me to send my ID through the contact us section of the southwest website if I wanted my account to be unlocked. I asked for a supervisor, but was only able to reach a coordinator and they told me the same thing. I submitted this information online, but haven't heard anything back yet. I've submitted my information to the southwest contact us link, but haven't heard anything back yet. The rep said it could take weeks...


Now when I login & act like I want to book a flight, I get the following message:

Sorry, we found some errors...

  • This account is closed and any associated points are no longer available for use."


    I have no clue why my account has become locked, or "closed" in the first place. I'm very disappointed there isn't a way to get this quickly resolved. I have the companion pass and was hoping to book a flight in April to go to New York on Southwest, but I can't do anything until my account is unlocked.


Re: Account Closed after trying to book flight

Aviator A

I'm guessing the SW thinks there is some type of fraud associated with the account.


My recommendation would have been the same that you have already received: use the contact us link to reach SW.


What happens if you try to book a flight without logging in - and just add name birthday and RR number manually?


Even if you can pull that off, I fear you will have problems with the CP as it is tied to your RR account

Re: Account Closed after trying to book flight

Explorer C

Thanks, my issue has been fixed.

Re: Account Closed after trying to book flight

Explorer C

Did this ever get resolved? I’m on the same boat.