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Gift card purchase

Explorer C

I bought a gift card two weeks ago for a colleague. I received the email stating how much I bought it for but NO pin number or 16 digit code to give to my colleague. I called 6 different times and was given the following: it takes 12 hours, 24 hours, we'll resend, they resent me my original email showing Howe much I paid, gave me a case number, we'll be in touch, etc.

Not sure why I can't get the ail with the pin and code? If I can't get this fixed quickly, I will have my bank charge deny payment and you can bet I will be looking for a new carrot.



Re: Gift card purchase

Aviator A

Did you buy this gift card from southwest directly or was it at a partner site like more rewards? 


If you bought it through you could Contact Customer Relations and they can look in to your gift card issue. 


If you bought it through more rewards or another site you will need to contact them for help.