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Question regarding purchasing tickets

Explorer C


I would like to book a flight for my wife and two daughters ( 6, 13), I saw one ticket option for 67 per ticket as the wanna fly option, the other price is about 135 for the business select. My question is if I select the business ticket would I be able to select the seating. I just do not want to purchase the cheapest tickets and then not have the option of seating together


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Re: Question regarding purchasing tickets

Aviator A



No, Southwest does not assign seats for any ticket type that they offer. Southwest has what they call "open seating" and you can sit wherever you like on the plane. You board the plane based on your seating assignment which is assigned when you check in  - it goes from A 1-60, B 1-60, and C 1-60. The earlier position you are, the earlier you get on the plane, and you have a better selection of seats.


If you purchase the "Business Select" fare (the most expensive), you are guaranteed an A1-A15 position, so you can essentially board the plane first. Learn more about Business Select here: 


If you decide to purchase the more affordable Wanna Get Away fare, what you could do as you purchase your tickets is purchase "Early Bird" seating along with your fare - this will automatically select your boarding position 36 hours ahead of time, and no matter when you check in, your boarding position will already be assigned to you. If you don't use Early Bird, you have to check in on your own at least 24 hours ahead of time, and your boarding position is assigned at the time you check in. The earlier you check in, the better position you will have.


Generally speaking, unless you are in the "C" group which boards last, it should not be too difficult to find seats together. 


You can learn more about the Southwest boarding process here:



Re: Question regarding purchasing tickets

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southwest utilizes open seating - thus there is no seat selection.


Details are here:


The best way to get a a good boarding position is to purchase Early Bird Check In. EBCI

boarding positions are allocated. 36 hours before flight time - first EBCI bought on the flight gets the first one. The last person to buy one gets the last one.


those that do not buy EBCI can check in starting 24 Hours before your flight time. Your boarding position is set at the time of check in. The earliest check ins get the best boarding positions thus it is best to check in EXACTLY 24 hours before flight time