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SJO - DCA Route: Where are the flights?

Explorer C

I am a frequent flyer between SJO and DCA.   When southwest expanded its scheduler the summer, there are no flights connecting SJO and DCA during June except for Saturdays.


BUT, there are flights between SJO and HOU and between HOU and DCA.  Flights that I have taken in the past as recent as November 20 and will take again on April 1.  But I am stocked for a return flight in June as the system doesn't allow me to book.  And if I will book separate flights, I will have to deal with picking baggage in HOU and go again to the counter to check in for the flight to DCA.   And that is not the best for a traveler that uses a wheel chair at the airport.  I understand there is a huge layover on HOU but I had that twice this year with no issue.

Can someone explain this non sense?  Is that going to be corrected?


Re: SJO - DCA Route: Where are the flights?

Aviator A

I have to admit this makes no sense. There are June flights between SAN and HOU and HOU and DCA -- and there are what would be valid connections for the flights.


As far as bags go, wouldn't you need to retrieve then in  Houston either way in order to clear customs?


You could book it as a multi city trip = allowing plenty of time for the connection.


I'd encourage you to discuss this one with Southwest. Click on "contact us" below.