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SWA Covid protocol not up to the challenge

Explorer B

I haven't flown in over a year due to concerns about flight health and safety during the pandemic. This week I boarded a SWA flight at HOU going to TUL. To my disappointment, many passengers in the flight chose not to wear a mask or to wear it around their neck, especially  but not only during deplaning. Boarding was relatively well managed to keep 6 ft distance. Deplaning was chaos: everyone crowding in the aisle, and several passengers taking off their masks as explained above. This in full view of the SWA crew that did not intervene. I felt very unsafe under the circumstances. I guess your COVID protocol is only as good as the people enforcing it.

I did not see any wipes, any straws to drink water under my mask. Overall, much less impressive than advertised. To make matters worse my return flight is already anticipated to be more than 80% full which means middle seats will be occupied. Whatever happened to prudence, distance and other guidelines?



Re: SWA Covid protocol not up to the challenge

Aviator A

Sorry to hear others on your flight didn't wear masks as they should and that deplaning was a mess. I would share your feedback with southwest directly Contact Customer Relations this way they can pass on the feedback to the appropriate department for training purposes. 


With your next flight being full you can move to a less full flight for free within 3 days of your original departure just give reservations a call 800-435-9792 that way they can get you moved to a less full flight and hopefully that would ease your mind a little bit. 



Re: SWA Covid protocol not up to the challenge

Aviator C

If you're still fixating on wipes and straws,  I suggest you stay home.   You're either a high risk individual, or feel you are one,  so nothing you'll find in the outside world will make you feel safe... especially around an airport. 


By this point,  nothing is going to change anyone's actions out there... not you,  not the flight attendants, not any new rules.   At this point,  it's down to your personal decision about where you fit into the statistics.