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flights in June

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My son has a flight schedruled for June 7th from Seattle Wa, to Hobby Houston Tx, does it look like we are going to have to cancel or reschedrule?


Re: flights in June

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Sorry, but it is far to early for an answer to that question.


I would NOT cancel at this point. If SW were to cancel your flight or change you to another flight, you would be eligible for a refund. You can cancel up to 10 minutes before departure.


You might want to price the ticket now to see if the price has fallen. If it has, you can turn in a high prices ticket for a lower priced one and get a travel fund, good for future use on SW. You probably should keep checking between now and June.



Planes ARE flying now(I was on one yesterday) and I expect planes to be flying in June. The question will be "how much risk of getting the virus will I have?" You might be able to answer that question in June, but it is impossible to answer that question now about June travel.