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southwest vacation

Explorer C

I am long time happy customer of southwest air, however book vacation package to Cancun Mexico paid $3593.50. That included $250.00 for insurance for two two people. Ten days before trip I got very sick and had to cancel trip. Had to go to emergency room 2 times.  

When we called to cancel they offered $519.00 travel credit (given next day) and $2305.00 cash refund to be returned to my credit card in 30 days. I knew I would lose the $250 I paid for insurance, however i lost an additional $519.00 for cancelling. I am 80 years old, and told the lady I can give her medical papers to tell them I got sick. She told me does not matter.

WOW. Never buy the package with insurance. Book airline separate and you can always cancel it. Usually you can cancel hotel also free or small fee like one night penalty. So please  do not buy Vacation package, book separately.


Re: southwest vacation

Aviator A

Sorry to hear of your medical issue -- hope you have recovered or are recovering.


Also sorry to hear of your troubles with Southwest Vacations. When things go as planned Southwest Vacations is great, but they are far less than great when things do not go as planned.