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Direct Flights from Austin

Explorer C

There used to be a direct flight from Austin to Newark. Are there plans for direct flights from Austin to any New York airport, Boston or Seattle?


Re: Direct Flights from Austin

Aviator A

Hello fellow AUS traveler


At this time I’m not seeing any non stops from Austin to New York (LGA) maybe it will come later on bit in the meantime maybe send an email to Southwest and let them know you would like a non stop from AUS to LGA and you never know if demand is high is could be added even if seasonly. 


AUS is growing big time for Southwest and American Airlines they will compete on some routes I think American might do a non stop to EWR or LGA but They are also competing against United since that is one of their hubs at EWR so not sure how they would do on that route. 

Direct Flights from Austin

Frequent Flyer C

I  guess  not soon  since no plane change offered