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Let's get Bakersfield into the Southwest family!

Explorer C

Bakersfield would be a great addition to the Southwest route.  The existing carriers at BFL need Southwest to nudge them out of their customer service complacency.  Southwest would DOMINATE in this market and all of us loyal Southwest customers would be happier for it!  Southwest: Please take a hard look at this underserved airport.  


Re: Let's get Bakersfield into the Southwest family!

Aviator A

Personally I like to look at the enplanement data for a state to see the relative comparison of how busy airports are and which ones are served by Southwest.


I'm seeing quite a drop off when we get to the airports on the list not currently served by Southwest. It isn't impossible but there are a few airports with 1M+ enplanements that aren't yet served by Southwest around the country and I think it's a long shot. 


Data from: List of airports in California - Wikipedia and then sorted by enplanements on the right hand column.




Santa Barbara on this list is the lower end and they just added it. Most Southwest airports are at least a classification of "P-S" maybe we can find a few in the P-N category.


For instance TYS in Knoxville is P-S category around a million enplanements and right now doesn't have much interest apparently.



Home airport MDW, frequent visitor to MCO to see the mouse.

Re: Let's get Bakersfield into the Southwest family!

Explorer C

I would love this. I currently have to drive to and from San Jose every week and then drive to Los Angeles every weekend, so I'm putting a ton of miles on my car and body wasting years off my life being in the car. Would be awesome to be able to jump on a flight and hop on least to San Jose. I know it's unlikely for LA, since that's so close by comparison.