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One Stop flight question

Explorer C

My SW flight states "One-Stop".

Does this mean I have to leave the plane?

Or do I sit on the plane to my final destination?

The flight does NOT state "No plane change" or "Plane change".

Only asking because someone told me I would have to deplane & possibly switch planes.

Thank you!




Re: One Stop flight question

Frequent Flyer B

If your chosen flight says "1 stop" in the little gray box and has nothing written below it, then that flight only stops to let passengers on and off...and will continue on to its destination.  Normally, you would stay seated...although on longer layovers you are sometimes allowed to get off.  Once everyone is off and the plane is readied for the next flight, you are often given permission to change your seat to a better one.


Otherwise, under "1 stop" in the the gray box, it will say "Change planes XXX", which indicates you will get off at XXX and continue to your destination on another flight.


Safe travels!