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Roundtrips EWR to MEX and MEX to EWR

Explorer C

Hello everyone,


  I saw that Southwest has started offereing flights to Mexico City, which is awesome. I am trying to book travel in April but I had some questions doing so. 


  1. Why are there no return flights from MEX to EWR? It appears all the flights are only to MEX from EWR on the calendar so I am not sure how to book the return flight.
  2. How many days out do new flights come out on the fare calendar? Currently it looks like the flights only go about 22 days in advance is this accurate? 


Has anyone tried to do this before? What is the best way to move forward with my booking? I would hope to keep both flights with them if possible but looking to see if others have done this from EWR yet.


Thanks for any help!


Re: Roundtrips EWR to MEX and MEX to EWR

Aviator A



The flight schedule is available out thru early August. When the calendar says "unavailable" it means that no flights are offered.


That being said, there are flight available thru August To /From LaGuardia, but not Newark.

Re: Roundtrips EWR to MEX and MEX to EWR

Aviator A

Southwest will end all service to/from MEX on March 30, 2019.


If you have a flight already booked for a date after March 30, contact Customer Relations asap to inquire about reacommodation.