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Why are arrival times non-stop HOU-BZE so BAD!

Explorer C

I like flying Southwest out of Houston Hobby, but for my flights to Belize, I must take United out of Bush Intercontinental A/P due to poor scheduled arrival times of Southwest.

Southwest arrives at 4:30 pm, which is too late to take the puddle-jumper Maya Airlines connecting flights, where the LAST ONE leaves at 5:00 pm, but not to where I want to go.

Southwest must change their schedule to arrive around noon so there is still a choice of several connecting flights while there is still daylight. Maya flys into small air strips that are unlighted and the flights are VFR.

For now I must drive an extra 40 minutes to get to north Houston for the United flights, which do arrive around noon.

PLEASE PLEASE Southwest change your flight arrival times for non-stop to BZE.

I do not want to fly to Florida and spec 6 hours flying to arrive at a decent time when I can fly just over 2 hours straight from HOU-BZE. 


Re: Why are arrival times non-stop HOU-BZE so BAD!

Aviator A

Leave them a note in the "contactc us" portion of the website and explain what you said here.


It's a balancing act for Southwest - leave late from Houston that allows people from the rest of the domestic network time to get to Houston to take the flight, or leave early from Houston which blocks out much of the domestic travelers but allows flexibility on the BZE end of things.


If there are enough people flying locally from Houston that can take the earlier flight they will make a change, but if the BZE passengers are from other parts of the US they probably will have to keep the later depature time.





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