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Why the crazy flight diversions?

Explorer C

I've recently started traveling again (YAY) and I'm trying to stay with SWA to earn points.


I am finding that EVERY flight I look for from Indianapolis wants to route me thru Baltimore (600+ miles away) or Houston (950+ miles), rather than thru Midway (200 miles).


That includes flying direct to Midway.  Yes, for S&G I searched for a flight from IND to MDW two months out and it only offered me routes thru Baltimore or Houston.  Nothing direct.  This is crazy.


Has anyone ever experienced this?  Were you able to rectify the situation?




Re: Why the crazy flight diversions?

Aviator A

Southwest's schedule is a bit of a mess right now. With travel now beginning to recover, but with an emphasis on leisure (vs business which is lagging far behind) many routes are being switched around to accommodate demand where it's strongest. (Huge changes are being made right now, and will continue through the end of the week, affecting the previous schedule through September.)


Expect things to be crazy for quite a while -- some industry observers think it may take years for business travel (and travel in general) to return to "normal." And when the levels have returned, it's likely the new normal won't look much like it did pre-pandemic.

Re: Why the crazy flight diversions?

Aviator A

I just checked May and June. There are no nonstop flights between the two cities  Until that changes the crazy routings will continue,


If Southwest does not fill your needs, then you should think about flying someone else. At least that is what I would do.