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2024 Spring Internship

Explorer C

Hello! I'm currently a senior at UNT, I will be graduating this fall (2023). I am currently in the process of applying to your Spring 2024 Internships. As I apply, I get notified immediately that I do not meet the requirements. I am wondering if this is because I am graduating before the internship begins. Is it possible to bypass this and still join the internship post-grad? 


Re: 2024 Spring Internship


Hey, @lesliesuazo2001


Go Mean Green! Thanks so much for your interest in an Internship at Southwest! 

We do require that Intern Candidates be a minimum Sophomore status, and they may not have an undergraduate graduation date of December 2023 or prior, unless already enrolled in a full-time graduate degree program at time of application. Since your graduation date is so soon (congratulations!), I'm afraid you wouldn't meet the requirements for our Spring 2024 Internships. 


Since you'll be soon graduating, you might explore opportunities to start your career at Southwest! Depending on your studies, interests, and experience, we post new positions almost daily that might catch your eye!