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Explorer C
In the questions of the application, there is a question that asks "how did you hear about us?" my answer was an employees. It then drops down a menu for a "source" I had selected previously worked for Southwest.
Well, that is not the case, I have never worked for Southwest but am very eager to. I selected that option due to one of my friends who worked for SWA as a flight attendant but no longer does, so I had heard from him that applications are open and that I could apply. So then in the questions it asks if I have ever worked for Southwest, and the answer is no. I think I go denied from the 2 questions correlating together. so I had reapplied with my second email that I have and just by changing that, my application was submitted. I do meet all of the Qualifications and as well am willing to do whatever it takes for this. I hope you can see where I am coming from and how this could be confusing for some people. I would just like to put a smile on the people's faces that I serve.