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Explorer C

I received a confirmation email stating I successfully completed the Flight Attendant application. I checked my dashboard & it says I have not applied to any job postings. Is there a way to have this corrected & confirm my application was received?


Re: Application

Explorer A

Good Morning,

This happened to me also!! (panic!) Then I couldn't even locate the open position. 

This is what I did to find it.


Select - Flight Attendant

            - View all job listings

            - Scroll to bottom of page and type in Flight attendant and search (don't mess with the others categories)

           - This will bring you to the Flight Attendant position to apply for. It will require you to enter your email address to log in and that is when it SHOULD say you have already applied for this position. 

Please hurry though because I think this is the last day the position will be available. If it shows you haven't applied then I would resubmit everything. 

Good Luck! (to both of us!)

Re: Application

Adventurer B

When you go to log in before doing so select inflight first then it will redirect you and you can log in on that screen. Then you will see where you applied. Hope that helps.  Good luck!  #warriorspirit. 

Christy Plagge

Re: Application

Adventurer B

When you are on the career page before logging in, in the middle of your screen you should see several different categories one should be inflight. Select inflight it will redirect you to another screen. Log on there and the you will be able to see where you applied and that status of your application. Hope this helps!  Good luck. 



Christy Plagge

Re: Application


Hi @Mistyryan8,


As @Christyplagge mentioned, you are most likely just looking at your dashboard for a portal other than Inflight. You can click here to log in to the Inflight portal, where you should see the submission on your dashboard. Regardless, if you have received a confirmation email, you should be good to go! Best of luck.


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