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Become a Pilot

Explorer C

My grandson, Caden, is a senior in high school and would like to become an airline pilot. He has no flight experience. It looks like he could get into a program at Southwest where he could become a first officer without first getting a Bachelors Degree. He and his parents would prefer he got his Bachelors Degree in conjunction with becoming a pilot. We have been discussing him going to Sacramento State College where he can get a partial scholarship because of his fathers military experience. While he is in college he could pursue training to become a flight instructor and then get hours to qualify for application to become a first officer. Does United have any programs that could assist him in that direction?


Re: Become a Pilot

Aviator C

Are you asking Southwest a question regarding another air carrier (United ) offers this type of program?  You might want to reach out to United if that is accurate. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion