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CJO for flight attendant/ Iforms

Explorer C

Good Morning. I received my CJO on Sunday night. While completing my forms for my background check and drug screen I believe I forgot to click the box “I agree” box before hitting submit on one the forms. Unfortunately, it was no way to go back and check. I did email my recruiter but I received no response from them to ensure that everything was submitted correctly. Can someone please point me in the right direction so I can be sure everything is submitted correctly so I can move forward with job offer. I really do appreciate it! 


Re: CJO for flight attendant/ Iforms


Hi Tonyover1! I just reached out to my coheart Kassady, a Coordinator who focuses on hiring Flight Attendants and she's going to double-check those forms for you. If there's anything that needs to be re-done, she's going to send them to you again today. But if you don't hear anything, that means they were submitted correctly the first time. Thanks for checking on this, and congratulations! We're looking forward to welcoming you onboard!

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