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Careers: Alternative to Student Internship?

Explorer C


I was absolutely delighted when I recently discovered an internship that seemed like a great fit and direct path into the profession of my dreams. Upon applying - I discovered that all internships at your headquarters require the applicant to be currently enrolled as a student. I received my masters degree in 2019 and am now looking to pivot into cultural engagement or DEI. I am curious if there are any other accelerated developmental programs that offer training for a highly motivated entry level applicant who is looking to begin a career at southwest? I

Thank you so much for any insight you can provide! 

Re: Careers: Alternative to Student Internship?


Hey, @TiffanyM1!

Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in joining our Southwest Family!

Our Internships do currently require that the Candidate be enrolled as a student at the time of the Internship. While we don't offer other developmental programs to those looking to join Southwest, we do offer career coaching and assistance with our Career Mobility Program to internal Employees.

We post new positions each day - many of which vary on the requirements and experienced required to qualify! Keep searching and reviewing opportunities as they become available, and you never know what you'll find and connect with. We'd love to have you join our Family and continue developing in your career journey!