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Cover Letter for school

Explorer C

I know that Southwest prefers not to have cover letters sent but we are working on resumes and cover letters in my Technical Writing class and I wanted to do one for a position with Southwestern. I don't actually plan on sending it in but what would be a good address and name to add for the cover letter? I need it to be authentic. If anyone could please help me I would be forever grateful!!


Re: Cover Letter for school

Aviator A

Click on the contact us link at the bottom of the page.



Re: Cover Letter for school

Explorer C

You could address it to the hiring manager or HR representative.

Re: Cover Letter for school

Explorer C

It's awesome that you're honing your skills with cover letters, even if you don't plan to send it to Southwest. For authenticity, I'd recommend using the name and address of someone in the HR department or a relevant manager you find on the company's website or LinkedIn. Make sure to emphasize your skills and enthusiasm for the role. By the way, has some great tips to make your cover letter stand out, even if it's just for practice.