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Employee Flight benefit

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How is the experience with flying standy as a southwest airline employee? I understand that it is best to fly on weekdays and on non holidays. Any advice or tips on planning ahead for flying standby with kids? Anyone here has had any experiences with flying standby with kids?  Are we able to see ahead of time how many seats are available prior to the flight departure ? Thank you in advance for anyone with answers or advice.


Re: Employee Flight benefit


Hey @smeralda05 ! 


I've had relatively only positive experiences non-revving as an Employee. While I'm not a parent, I have traveled with my 13 and 11 year old siblings over the year and have been shown the tried and true Southwest Hospitality each time. 


I agree that traveling on weekdays is the easiest and sometimes traveling on the holidays themselves is actually easier than around the holiday (Thanksgiving for example). What's nice about traveling with your kids is that if on the same reservation they'll maintain your Employee status when checking in, making it easier to get the first few spots on the standby list. 


Additionally, if your kids fall within the age limit for Family Boarding you are able to take advantage of that. If not, I've had great experiences with our Flight Attendants keeping an eye on my siblings when we were unable to sit together. 


And lastly, you can always check the load factor of each flight via the Employee listing tool. 


I hope this helps!