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Flight Attendant Resume Questions

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I'm so excited Southwest is opening up applications on the 5th, I can't wait to apply!


Can you guys tell us any tips in what Southwest is looking for in a resume?


I have over 5 years of retail management experience, and for the last year I have been a rideshare driver where I have been entertaining passengers with carpool karaoke, jokes, and singing (should I put that on my resume?Smiley Very Happy). I think I would be a great fit for Southwest!





Re: Flight Attendant Resume Questions

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Hi Phil,


I read your question. I'm not a flight attendant, and I have never worked as a flight attendant, so take it for what it's worth. If I were you, I would research online as much as I could about the life of a flight attendant, the requirements of the position, the expectations on the job, etc... There are so many websites online that will tell you more than you want to know, lol!... I think the more you can learn about the position, the clearer the answer will become for you. 


Best of luck with the application process!! 😄

Re: Flight Attendant Resume Questions

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@KelbyTansey Kelby, Would you have any personal recommendations in what Southwest is specifically looking for in a resume? I would like to optimize my resume to highlight the best parts. Thanks, Phil

Re: Flight Attendant Resume Questions


Hi @philmble,


It sounds like you certainly have a Fun-LUVing Attitude! That is one of our key values, and is definitely something that we look for in the hiring process. @Rori3691 had a great suggestion of researching the role, and you can do that with our FAQs post here. You can also find more information about our Values and Culture here. Ultimately, your resume is just for us to learn more about YOU! We want to learn about your Employment history, applicable experiences to the role, and passion for Southwest. We hope to see your application on Monday!


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