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Flight attendant application

Explorer C

As did many others,  I tried to apply for the FA position that was open yesterday and ran into numerous problems.  It said my application was successfully submitted and I received the confirming email.  My concern is that it kept kicking me out and crashing and never let me upload my NEW resume,  (the one in the system is from 2018). Also,  I never filled out any employment history,  address,  etc so even though I did answer a few questions,  I don't feel I completed an application. Any advise as to what to do?


Re: Flight attendant application


Hi @Annanoli,

Thank you for reaching out and your interest in the Flight Attendant position. We received a high volume of applications that caused intermittent system outages and we appreciate your patience. Please keep an eye on your email (and spam/junk folders) today for some additional updates on your application.

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Re: Flight attendant application

Explorer C

I had the same issue, but I was able to complete the application up through the question about Protected Veteran status and then it glitched and showed that I had submitted the application. I have no idea if there were questions after that one. We shall see.