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Flight attendant Application

Explorer C

Good Afternoon, 

My name is Kenisha Hardy. I submitted a flight attendant application on January 23,2023. I have been tracking my application on the candidate home page and it states my application is currently in process. I am reaching out to see if there a possible update. I am excited to possibly begin my journey at Southwest Airlines. I am sure you have received an overwhelming amount of applications.


Kind Regards,

Kenisha Hardy


Re: Flight attendant Application

Explorer C

Research the airline: Each airline has its own unique culture and expectations for their flight attendants. Make sure to research the airline you are applying to and tailor your application to fit their specific requirements.Meet the qualifications: Most airlines require a high school diploma or equivalent, and some may also require a college degree. Additionally, you will need to meet physical requirements such as height and weight restrictions.Highlight your customer service experience: The role of a flight attendant is primarily customer-facing, so be sure to highlight any relevant customer service experience you have had in previous jobs.Emphasize your language skills: Airlines often prefer candidates who can speak multiple languages, as they may be required to communicate with passengers from all over the world.Prepare for the interview: The interview process for becoming a flight attendant can be rigorous, so be sure to prepare for it in advance. Practice your responses to common interview questions and be prepared to demonstrate your customer service skills.