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Flight attendant posting

Explorer C

I applied for the flight attendant position on the 4th when it posted . However, as many of you know there were issues with the system that day. As advised, I created another email address and password just for SWA.  I think I completed the first application process by downloading my resume and answering a few questions and it ended at employee referral name and employee number and the question if I’d worked for SWA previously and I submitted. I never received a confirmation email nor did I go back into the system after the deadline was extended to the 9th. Does anyone know if I did it wrong or did not complete the process? I’ve gone back in since and it states submission received. Should I have heard back already?  Thanks for any assistance. 


Re: Flight attendant posting


Hi @Lois1966,


Thanks for your patience through all of our turbulence on the day the Flight Attendant position opened. Since your profile says "submission received" you should be good to go! We did have an overwhelming number of applications that day, and Candidates will be contacted in the order which they applied. We appreciate your continued patience as our Recruiters sort through all of the applications. Best of luck throughout the process!


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