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Pending Application for CS&S Position

Explorer C

Good Morning, 


I am here to inquire about my application that was submitted back in June for the CS&S position. My application is still in an active statue and I was also sent an email stating "We appreciate your patience and understanding during the recruiting process.  We are reviewing applications and are planning to provide a further update to you by July 1, 2023." 

However, no update has been sent. Has my application slipped thru the cracks? Can I have someone contact me with an update? 


Re: Pending Application for CS&S Position


Hey, @Tatanina


Thanks so much for reaching out & for your interest in joining the Customer Support & Services (CS&S) Team! I took a closer look, and it looks like we sent you an email on June 30 (around 11:15am) from with an update. 


To recap that email, our Team has completed interviewing and filling the available spots for our upcoming training classes. We received so much interest and a high volume of applications, and, since we reviewed applications in the order received, we simply weren't able to review all applications this time around. We know this isn't the news you wanted to hear, but don't worry our Team will reach out with information on potential interview dates in the future!