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Phone interview

Adventurer C

I saw a post for a flight attendant opening how can I be certain that my information is available for a possible phone interview.


Re: Phone interview

Aviator B

The last opening for this job was 2/5/18. Did you apply? That would have been the only way for you to possibly get a phone interview.  The flight attendant positions are listed under the city of Dallas Texas, the Southwest Airlines main headquarters.

The best thing you can do is set up a profile to be notified when jobs become available here


Southwest Airlines Policy is:


"In order to remain consistent in our hiring practices and to be fair to all applicants, we accept applications for a specific position, and only when the job listing is active on our Careers page."

See current job openings at Southwest Airlines here Careers page

Good Luck!

Re: Phone interview

Explorer C

Be Happy for those of you who got a phone interview.  You have already been fortunate.  I have applied and received verification  of starting the application process 2/5/18.  I have yet to hear anything from south west.  I know many have, have been denied already and many have had phone interviews already.  I have had neither.  So congrats to those who have had their phone interviews. I am a teacher so i am holding on to the possibility that they are waiting to the end of the school year.  And, I am wisely studying my Spanish and korean to hopefully be a little better when the call.  I have also started my fitness regimen Incase I should be selected.  Goodluck to all.