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Problem with email address

New Arrival

I applied for the flight attendant posistion on Febuary 5th, at that time your site was having problems with my orginal email address so I created a new address by adding a 2 to my old address, big mistake!  The 2 emails seem to interchange each other when I try to go in to check my account, creating an error message.  Is there a way to remove my orginal email address?  I had used it a few years ago to apply for a differant position so it was already in your system.


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Re: Problem with email address

Active Member

This is something you would have to contact your internet service provider about, as Southwest does not create or maintain e-mail addresses. I am curious, however, what issue your original e-mail address might have had on the Southwest site. 




Re: Problem with email address

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@janmlanier I found the following information on SWA Career FAQ page:


For technical issues related to the online application process, send a brief description and screenshot of the error message to  This account is monitored Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. CT. We do our best to reply within two business days.


You might want to try this avenue.  Not sure anything can be done though. 

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