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Ramp Agent “Did not meet minimum requirements”

Explorer C

Hey everyone! 

I recently applied for the opening in Denver for the ramp agent position. I was told that I did not meet the minimum requirements. 

This has happened to me back when Southwest had an opening for Chicago and Hawaii last month, and I was extra careful answering each question and I simply met every requirement.


I am applying from California, is relocating not meeting the minimum requirement? Is there anything else I could do? 


Re: Ramp Agent “Did not meet minimum requirements”


Hey there, @Pierrearicardo!


Thank you so much for reaching out! In your recent application to the Denver Ramp Agent opportunity, the job description included that Candidates "Must be a resident of Colorado at time of applying to be considered for this position." There are location requirements for many of our roles, which should be outlined in each posting's job description! 


So sorry for any confusion there! 

Re: Ramp Agent “Did not meet minimum requirements”

Adventurer C

Some job descriptions do indeed state the residency requirement, however many do not. Also, from what I've experienced, it's not mentioned in the job description, but at the end of the application one is asked if they are a resident of the state, with no clarification if this is in fact a requirement or not for consideration.