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Ramp Agent Hiring Process

Explorer C

I applied for a ramp agent position for BWI on 12/28/21, did my virtual interview on 1/10/22, and submitted the form for a background check. I haven't heard anything since then. I haven't been contacted to do my fingerprints or a drug test. I reached out to my recruiter, but got no response. I was a previous SWA employee a couple of years back. Would that be why I wasn't asked to do fingerprints? Or am I missing something? I've been checking my emails and my spam folder. I've also been checking the dashboard and it's been "Under Review" since 1/11/22. 


So I was just wondering if I possibly missed something? Or if there is someone I can contact to help me with the process?


Re: Ramp Agent Hiring Process

Adventurer B

I received the request for fingerprints and drug screen about two weeks after my interview. SWA is hiring lots of people right now. Be patient, they will contact you. Congratulations!