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Recruiters for Corp positions

Explorer C

Good morning.  I have recently put in my application for several positions.  However, I'd like to gain more insight to how I can improve my chances of getting hired.  I am an educator wanting to change careers.  Although I am from the education world, I have a lot to offer Southwest.  Is there anything anyone would suggest I do to improve my chances?


Thank you for your time and consideration!




Re: Recruiters for Corp positions

Explorer C

Good Morning,


I would also like to see a response to this question, as I am in a very similar boat. I am moving to the Dallas area and like a responsible person am trying to land a new career by the time I arrive to the area. However, I have applied numerous times and would as well like some insight to improving my chances.


Thank you in advance!


Re: Recruiters for Corp positions


Hi there, @stradera and @cmc1988


Thank you both for your interest in joining our Southwest Family! 

My top recommendations are always to keep your resume updated, tailor your resume to each specific job to highlight your applicable knowledge and experience, and submit your application to a position as soon as possible. Those first two tips, pertaining to resumes and tailoring them to your position of interest, a great rules of thumb for any application. Your resume is your first impression, and you can be sure you're making a good impression this way!


Submitting your application ASAP is important at Southwest because, depending on the position, we may receive many applications. This makes for a competitive process, and getting your application in earlier means we can review it sooner. There are times where we receive more applications than we're able to review, but submitting yours earlier helps to prevent you from falling into that situation. 


I'd love to invite you both to attend an episode of Career Connections as well! Career Connections is a webinar hosted by our Careers Team, which covers different topics each week and shares insight into landing a career at Southwest Airlines. We cover things from Southwest's unique Culture, Benefits, how the hiring process can look, and we sometimes feature different workgroups who have upcoming opportunities! Learn more and register here:


Wishing you both the best of luck!