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Request Southwest Employee for Conference Speaker?

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The Leadership Development Program at Texas Health and Human Services Commission in Austin is hosting its bi-annual one-day leadership development conference for all of its state-wide alumni (approximately 1,600 graduates) on Friday June 17th. The title of our conference is Catalyst, and the theme for the June event is RECALIBRATE: Creating Environments that Matter. The event will be a hybrid event with both a live, in-person audience and a virtual audience.


As organizations grapple with the turnover associated with the “great resignation”, the need for leaders to evaluate and adjust their workplace culture into one that attracts and retains talented individuals becomes essential. We would love for someone from the team at Southwest Airlines speak that day on the critical topic of culture change. The presentation time for this topic is scheduled for 9:10 – 9:40am and will be delivered from the main stage in the Winters Building at 701 W. 51st St. Austin, TX. We would be honored to have Southwest Airlines take part in our event and speak to something Southwest is widely known for - creating a vibrant, healthy organizational culture.


Thank you for your consideration. I can be reached directly at 512-800-2218.


Re: Request Southwest Employee for Conference Speaker?

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@scottjabel  I hope you continued to reach out to SWA through other forums besides the SWA community site. The community is probably not the most appropriate way to invite SWA’s to an event. 

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Re: Request Southwest Employee for Conference Speaker?

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Shooting an email over via customer service will probably do the trick well

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